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Yes, and for free with a $40 minimum order, provided you live in our delivery area.

Greater Denver, Boulder, and Broomfield. Check our map and exhaustive list of zip codes to see where and when we get to you.

We deliver once monthly to every zip code jn our area. This chart provides approximate ideas, but check our delivery map to find your actual zip code.

We deliver during the evenings, usually between 5-8pm, and provide an hour wide window before we leave the kitchen which we hit with 98% accuracy.We give a quiet knock, or communicate solely over text by request, and if you are unable to answer the door we find a discreet place to tuck away your meals and send you a picture.

No problem! Our meals are delivered frozen in oven-safe compostable trays, to allow you to enjoy a high quality homestyle meal made from simple ingredients, without any planning ahead. Because our average delivery weighs approximately 10 pounds, that thermal mass means that most drop-offs will stay completely frozen outside overnight, throughout most of the year. And in case issues arise, we are always committed to providing a satisfactory solution.

Absolutely, and for free

We add new meals throughout the week, which might happen after you've already placed our order.  So long as you're ordering for delivery on the same day, there is no need to hit the $40 minimum for free delivery with your additional meals or soups. Simply....

  1. Place a new order on our site
  2. Include a note that you're adding onto a larger order
  3. Upon seeing your note on your delivery date, we'll manually refund any shipping charges that might arise for orders under $40. Please allow a week for it to process with your credit card carrier, and always be encouraged to text or call us at 303.900.3201 with any questions

No. Orders are made on a one-off basis, but about 80% of our customers return at least monthly. And for the most personalized service, we encourage you to create an account, so you can modify your delivery preferences, like for example, whether we knock on the door or simply text.

No. We have a 1 year old, and FULLY realize the importance of that 5-8pm window for putting kids to sleep. For any deliveries after 6pm, we will give a gentle knock on the door, and text you a picture of where we've tucked away your food if we don't hear an answer.We also have a place on each order where you can provide specific delivery instructions, and an account registration page where you can choose options like "Never knock, only text."

  • From-scratch family meals available without any pre-planning
  • Zero food waste. Unlike fresh-delivered meal services, our food stays fresh for months
  • Zero preservatives. We only use fresh ingredients, because of our natural-method of preservation.
  • Zero landfill. Our meal trays are 100% compostable & hand-delivered, and our soup quarts 100% recyclable
  • No dishes or assemby. All of our meal trays go into the oven and onto the table

Yes! And the lid and sleeve too. In addition to eliminating the plastics, wraps, and chemical-filled ice packs of other meal kits, our meal trays also can be put directly into both the oven and microwave.

Yes! We constantly strive to have a menu with dishes from all over for everyone to enjoy. We always make sure to have something vegan and gluten free at all times, and usually offer a variety of other options like dairy free, keto, vegetarian, kid friendly, and three levels of spiciness.

Yes! We are the definition of a small, local family business, especially with the 2021 addition of Hedy, our most valuable (albeit least productive) employee.