Our Story

Appropriately enough, the spark that would one day lead to Postcard Foods was lit over a mutual appreciation for everyone's favorite frozen dessert.  Bridget and Jim met at Burning Man in the Summer of 2017, serving ice cream made from 100 pound liquid nitrogen tanks. At the time, Bridget was living in Boston earning her masters in gastronomy while Jim toiled away in Denver, devising strategy for a company making surgical equipment. 


Postcard Foods trailer with Bridget and Jim


Following several trips to Boston, the two decided to give long distance dating a chance, and soon Bridget was showing her love by preparing him frozen meals for their Zoom dates when she visited Colorado.  


Before long, Jim had convinced Bridget to move to Colorado and Bridget had in turn convinced Jim to start a food business. Both avid travelers, the pair decided to name their business Postcard Foods for both their love of the forgotten art, as well as a great descriptor for the wide breadth of their globally inspired menu.  


Postcard Foods trailer with Bridget inside

Each of Bridget’s from-scratch recipes is named for the place of that meals inspiration, and the wide array of dietary preferences available in her cooking reflects the highly personal relationship that each one of us has with our food. 


After launching their trailer in January 2020, Postcard Foods pivoted during Covid-19 by adding a free doorstep delivery of their frozen family meals to homes along the Front Range.


They quickly recognized the value of busy people having a from-scratch, oven-ready meal always available in their freezer. And today, all of Postcard Foods frozen meals are home-delivered for free around greater Denver & Boulder, in oven-safe compostable trays and reusable quart containers.


Postcard Foods trailer with Bridget holding our frozen meals